Robinson Genealogy


                Our family is often asked, "How are we related to the other Robinson families in the area and about to the old Robinson grocery stores?"

                Welcome to the Robinson Genealogy, this page is a testimony of our family's origins and roots in Gainesville and North Florida.  These records and stories have been passed down as well recorded in family history references.  The accounts of life during the Depression and post WWII life in Gainesville provide interesting perspectives into how people lived here.  We hope you enjoy this information, if you have references that tie into our history or would like more info to work on your own families genealogy please contact us through e-mail, see our "Contact Us" Page.

                Generally, we trace most of our family to southern Georgia, the family name traces back to Frederick Roberson who is believed to have lived in Southern Georgia in the 1700s.  His son, Jacob Roberson lived until 1868 and is buried in Wayne County, Georgia in the Old Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery.   Jacob's son was John Roberson.  John Roberson's son was named Isaac, Isaac's recorded surname was Robinson.  The change to the surname is not certain but believed to have occurred due to a census or birthing record incorrectly recorded or as simply as when Isaac left the South Georgia area and when he arrived elsewhere he spelled it the best he could.  The name however stuck and Isaac lived his life as Isaac Robinson.  Regarding the Robinson surname, the names Robertson, Robinson, Roberson and Robison were often used interchangeably in early records. Few people could read or write and clerks who were hired to write legal records spelled names as best they could.  Later in Isaac's life, in coincidence, he met Maude Robinson with the same maiden surname, (no relation), who's family came from the Panhandle of Florida and Southern Alabama.      

Jacob & Retta Ann Bennett Roberson's Tombstones

The Old Bethel Baptist Church in Wayne County Georgia

Maude Devier Robinson was the daughter of Telemanchus Robinson and Oreon Mann. Oreon's  father was Jessie Mann who served in the Civil War and was buried in 1889 in the Cedar Keys.  Jessie's father was John Mann who lived in Decatur County Georgia, John Mann served in the Army during the Indian Wars.  John's father was Arnold Mann, Arnold was a patriot in the Revolutionary War, he served as a Corporal in Captain Samuel Ashe's 1st Troops, Light Dragoons. Arnold is buried in North Carolina.


Corporal Mann's Service Documents from the Revolutionary War.

The Robinson story in the local area began with Issac 'Cleve' Robinson opening a small grocery store in downtown Gainesville in 1928, (pictured below). Cleve's son, Emerald Robinson, started working in this store in 1935. Today, stands a building known for many years as 'Market Street Pub' on the original site with a mural which still bears the name 'ROBINSON'S MARKET, FRESH MEATS & VEGETABLES 120 S.W. 1st AVE'. Emerald eventually opened his own grocery store and operated it through the 1970s; he also helped his son, Garland Wayne Robinson (known as "GW') open a grocery store called 'Wayne's Grocery' in old downtown Gainesville.


The Open Air Market, Cleve Robinson on the right


Modern Downtown Building with  'ROBINSON'S MARKET' Mural

GW Robinson married Kate Marie McCullars in 1955 and had four children, Gwen, Randy, Kenny and Gay.  Kate is the daughter of Arthur Lane McCulllars and Kate Marie Highsmith McCullars.  Lane McCullars built homes in the construction industry in Gainesville and was instrumental in getting GW started in building.  GW sold the grocery business and went into the construction business in 1968, 'G.W. Robinson Builder & Developer' now known as "GW Robinson Homes'.  GW's son, Randy Robinson, worked with his father from the beginning through the 1990's until beginning his own construction business, "R.E. Robinson Remodeling and Custom homes'.  

G.W. Robinson at Parade Home (c. 1975)

Randy Robinson at Parade Home (c. 1975)


  G.W. Robinson (c. 1990)

  Four Generations: G.W., Randy, Emerald & Jay Robinson (2000)

Gwen, Gay, Randy, Kate & Kenny at Kate's 75th Birthday Party (2012)

 The Robinsons have always been outdoorsmen, they have particularly enjoyed fishing through the years around the Cedar Keys.  This tradition started when Emerald Robinson fished the Cedar Keys in the 1940s and would bring the fish back to his grocery store to be sold as the freshest fish in town, typically Sea Trout and Redfish.


G.W., Emerald, Randy & Jay Robinson (Cedar Key 2000)        

Randy Robinson & Jimmy Goodwin with Redfish (c. 2002)

Randy & Jay Robinson with four Redfish between 26 & 27 inches long (2012)

Luke, Randy, & Jay Robinson with Redfish (2012)

Emerald Robinson as well as many members of the Robinson family are buried in the Eliam Cemetery in Melrose, Florida.  For more information about the burial records there follow this link (click here)

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