Memorial Flagpole

Veteran's Memorial Flagpole              

Veteran's Memorial Flagpole at Santa Fe College

Located at 3000 Northwest 83rd Street, Gainesville, Florida
by the Baseball and Soccer Fields on the South side of Campus

Dedicated on National Flag Day and the U.S. Army's 231st Birthday, June 14th, 2006

Flagpole Height is 110', Flag typically flown is 30'x60'

"Dominating the west side of the Santa Fe College campus is a 30x60 foot American flag that offers a stirring, picturesque view of Old Glory flying atop a 110 foot flagpole... this memorial portrays evidence of a community mindful of our sovereignty and freedom with these words: 'In honor of those who have served our nation in times of war and peace... in memory of those who have paid the highest cost for the freedom we hold so dear.' " - from Alachua County's Publication 'REMEMBER'

    Constructed and dedicated in 2006, the Flagpole honors military Veterans.  Jay Robinson became involved with the project in 2004 when approached by John Gebhardt, the college veterans affairs director for Santa Fe College and the University of Florida.  Jay contacted several companies around the country who construct large flagpoles and assembled quotes and concepts for the memorial. Shortly after taking the concept to his grandparents, Kate and GW Robinson, he had a full set of working plans provided by the office of GW Robinson Builder to present the Santa Fe College Facilities Services' Construction Planning Board.  With approval from the board and support from the College President, Dr. Jackson Sasser, fundraising goals were established and a campaign to 'Raise the Flag' was started.  At this point Jay became the Project Manager for the fundraising and construction of the Flagpole.

    Many local businesses and organizations made donations to the cause and momentum was quickly established.  A Memorial Committee Board was established to assist with the task of completing fundraising, Randy and Bobbie Robinson sat on this board.  The board hosted a fundraising event in 2005 at the Robinson Residence in which more than 200 people attended and the majority of the roughly $60,000 needed to raise the flag were collected or pledged. The rest is history.


Construction of the Flagpole in 2006

    Today the American flag proudly flies on the Santa Fe College campus on the south side of the school in an area selected so that literally 'millions of travelers' on Interstate I-75 can view the flag during the day as well as night due to large spotlights. The Collegiate Veteran Society (CVS) at Santa Fe College is the 'Keeper of the Flag', they maintain the flag by lowering it for storms or when the Nation calls for half-mast.  They also maintain an inventory of flags to replace the current one flying so that it can be repaired or retired, (the flag replacement cost is around $1,500 each).  This is an ongoing task that volunteer organization of veteran students perform.  The Memorial also serves as a venue and attraction for community events held throughout the year such as the 'All American Liberty Fest.'  
       Memorial with Sidewalk for Handicap Access added in 2010
    The Memorial has a bronze plaque fixed on each side at the base.  The first bronze plaque is a salute to veterans with quotes put together by the student veterans, the second includes a  quote from President Roosevelt and a list of the CVS Staff and the Veterans Memorial Committee.  The third plaque consists of names of veterans submitted by local families and organizations, the last plaque lists the names of individuals and organizations that made contributions to the fund that made the memorial possible. 


Article from The Gainesville Sun about the Memorial (click here for link)

    To review published information about this Memorial and learn more about Veterans Memorials in Alachua County see the County Communication Office's publication entitled 'REMEMBER' by following this link: (click here for link)

More Robinson ties to Veteran Assistance Projects:


The Veterans Bridge Scholarship                   

    The Robinson's have also contributed to a scholarship program for veterans beginning college in Gainesville.  Jay Robinson was involved with the board at the Collegiate Veterans Society that designed the program to start the campaign.  The Robinson's made donations which helped to start these scholarships.
    The concept of the Scholarship is that when a veteran applies for the GI Bill for the first time there is typically a 1-3 month waiting period before they can expect their first payment.  While it is certain that the Department of Veterans Affairs will pay the GI Bill benefits, landlords and bill collectors are often unwilling or unable to wait.  The Veterans Bridge Scholarship Fund, a Santa Fe College endowment managed fund, provides scholarships to selected veteran students to assist them in their transition from military to college life. Learn more by following this link: (click here for link)

The Military Park at Gulf Coast State College  

    RE Robinson is proud to be a sponsor of the Gulf Coast State College Military Park opened August 14th, 2012.  The Military Park honors all branches of the Armed Forces and all those who serve or have served within those branches.  The Park is a place for remembrance, honor and reflection.  It is a a visual symbol of our patriotism and freedom. 

    The concept of the Military Park is that it continually accepts donations, of which the funds go to GCSC Development Office. This office will use the funds to support and expand specialized outreach, advising and academic services to better serve college veterans and active duty members pursuing education. Learn more by following this link: (click here for link)

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